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Initial planning is complete.
Time to Design

We now need to determine the basic parameters and develop the actual design that will be used for construction.

One of the things that sets Whitmer Decks apart from other builders is the attention to detail of the final design and quality materials. We understand that this is a significant investment in your home to be enjoyed for many years to come.

We also understand that yard space is a precious commodity, and we will make every effort to plan the deck accordingly. This is especially true when designing decks for townhouses.

A good example of making better use of space is using a spiral staircase instead of a straight staircase. Let's imagine your deck is 12' off the ground. A straight set of stairs would cover approximately 47 SF. On the other hand, a spiral staircase would cover about 28 SF. A spiral staircase would also provide more options as to placement. Therefore, instead of a large set of straight stairs that may block the view, a small spiral staircase can be placed off to the side.

There are many options available to you as well as tradeoffs to any design. Whitmer Decks will work with you to strike a balance between initial cost, functionality, appearance, and maintainability. Let our experience in design assist you in choosing alternative materials, lighting, planters, benches, under-deck drainage systems, etc.


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