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A message from the President...

When we started Whitmer Decks in 2004, we were determined to stay small and keep our attention on quality and customer satisfaction above all else. As you can see from the letters below, and as you may have seen on web sites like www.checkbook.org, it has worked!

Thanks to all that have taken the time to write a letter and/or to post comments on web sites.

Cliff Whitmer (President)

Hi Cliff - I’m so sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye and thank you to your team and you. Everything was handled so well, from your initial design to the completed project. What a great team you have - they were all so capable and professional as well as being a pleasure to have around. The deck is our private oasis and we’re enjoying every minute on it (even though we don’t yet have furniture)! We’ll let you know when it’s painted and furnished so you can take pictures, but it’s already FABULOUS! Thank you SO much!

Melanie Knitzer

Good morning Cliff,
Thank you for a job well done! The pictures look great, and we look forward to enjoying the beautiful deck this summer! Thank you also for sending the final inspection reports for our files. We also would like to thank you for your professionalism and integrity throughout the whole deck building process. If you ever need a reference, send them our way!

Joe and Carol Devine

Awesome! I love it and couldn't have asked for a better result! I really appreciate the professionalism and expertise of you and your crew.

On another note, I noticed that you have a list of references in your folder that you hand out. Feel free to add me as a reference if you would like.

Thanks again,

Hi Cliff,

First a belated thanks for the great umbrella - it's very useful.

Second, I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying the deck & patio! We've finally gotten all the furniture & are using it every day; it's such a great pleasure - I don't think Joel has ever spent this much time outside except on a tennis court.

Thanks again for the superlative work, both in design & in execution.

All the best,


Hi Cliff,

Thanks for the heads up on the lumber pickup....we'll park on street just just in case they come early.

We did find the remote and the deck looks absolutely fantastic at night! You and your crew did a wonderful job on the deck and the shed and we could not be happier! You have exceeded our expectations. Please be sure to thank everyone on your crew for thier hard work.

Thanks again for the great job and have a nice weekend

P.S. Jeannette is so happy you were able to figure how to hang the sheppard hooks on the deck railing.

We had a wonderful experience working with Whitmer Decks to add a screened porch and outdoor deck to our home. The planning process was exciting: Cliff, always pleasant and approachable, took our design ideas and added touches of his own, many of which we decided to adopt. He communicated clearly and we were grateful for his expertise where we really had none. As we waited for our start date, we were kept apprised of any changes that might occur due to unforeseen issues such as weather delays.

Building began right on time. Materials were delivered the morning the crew started and this efficiency was evident throughout the building process. They were on site every day and worked diligently and effectively. The guys were friendly, answered all our questions, and finished on time.

The final product is all we had hoped for. The joints are tight; every piece of wood meets another with no warp or wiggle or air. The railing nestles around the beams like puzzle pieces. It is snug. The comment we hear most frequently from our guests is how well built everything is. Critically also, the space is warm and inviting. Both the screened porch and deck have already provided many hours of relaxed living. We love our Whitmer Deck and recommend them with no reservations. We appreciated their expertise, professionalism and commitment to delivering superior service and products.

Cliff Whitmer is a true professional who worked with us over several weeks to come up with a beautiful design that gives us the most functionality.

He was on site every day with his crew. They finished the entire project in just over two weeks.

Ours was a complex project involving removing the existing two tier deck with partially sunken hot tub and installing a new screened porch and deck on a single level.

We are now able to walk directly outside from our breakfast room into the screened porch area without stepping down. This also raised the height under the porch and deck giving us more useable space than before.

Restricted access to the backyard prohibited the use of heavy machinery, yet they still managed to accomplish all tasks in a safe and effective fashion. Every aspect of the project from positioning of supplies and location of trailers to probable dates for county inspections was discussed with us in advance.

They are craftsmen and show it by paying attention to the details like smoothing the edges on all posts including the 6x6 support posts under the deck and hiding the electrical wiring within the posts. We are also pleased with the under deck drainage system that keeps the hot tub and walk out patio dry. Their work schedule is Monday thru Friday, with weekends off which was much appreciated by our neighbors. They kept their work area clean, put away all their equipment and policed the area every day.

We have had a lot of contractor work done in the past and by comparison this was the most pleasant, professional experience we have encountered to date. There are no surprises with Whitmer Decks. Truly a pleasure working with Cliff and his team.

Mark Olson

I can’t say enough positives about Cliff and his team.

When he came out for the initial consultation I told him that I love doing work on my house and that I wanted to be involved. I had a custom idea for the railing (using copper plumbing pipe that I would cut myself), and some things, like the electrical I wanted him to rough in as I would complete. I said straight out at the beginning that I would be there every day and if he was not comfortable with that I was not a good client for him. But he was fine with that and worked with me on the custom railing and on the full design and gave me really good ideas and options. He even sent me the raw CAD files as he drew them so I could look at them in an AutoCAD viewer. Things like the new sliding door, I bought and stained myself and he put in, and he was fine with that, as well as my getting specific stainless steel screws to use. (Yes, I did do a good enough job of convincing him I knew what I was doing so that the door was the right size, screws were right and the copper pipes were all cut and prepped to the right amount and sizes on time)

I told him price was not my main factor, quality, dependability, honesty and someone I can work with were. But overall the price was fine. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for and I got what I paid for! The fact that he has no issue working with someone like me that will do some of the work (to keep price down, and I like doing it) more than made up for it anyway.

The crew was great. Cliff only uses his crew who work solely for him and build decks. No picking up people outside of McDonalds that don’t care about quality.

He was upfront on payment plans, and everything was done on schedule.

Couple of things that impressed me the most though was how Cliff handled a couple of things that didn’t go to plan. I wanted below the deck to be open, but his guys enclosed the front side. Honest mistake. I actually didn’t mind it, but it was not on my contact. Cliff would have taken it off, but we worked out a deal where we basically split the cost.

The other was the custom railing. They used a drill press to get them dead straight, but with one section to go the press broke and they did the rest by hand. When I got home it just did not look right, not to that level of quality I expected. Cliff came out, looked at it and said, you are right. They took it apart, fixed the drill press and redid that part of the railing with no complaining. Anyone can make a mistake, it’s a good contractor that fixes them with no complaining.

I have enjoyed my deck for 3 full seasons now, and it still looks great. The quality and attention to detail are fantastic. In the 3 ½ years it has barely settled. I had to make a slight adjustment to the screen door to the outside part of the deck once (my deck is 100% wooden, no plastic stuff for me, so I expect a little settling)

If you want the cheapest deck (both price and quality) look elsewhere. If you want quality, dependability, trust, someone with will work WITH you, not just tell you to buzz off, quality materials, great options, great design ideas then get Cliff!

When you’ve owned and lived in the same house as long as we have, it slowly becomes a part of who you are, your style, your respite; it becomes your home… Each year we’ve taken on a project from one room to the other, and the years have passed enough that we have remodeled, painted, etc. at least two rounds in each room by now!

We’ve wanted to put a porch on our house since we first moved to Burke more than 20 years ago. However, we both knew that if we attempted the project ourselves (and believe me, David wanted to) we might not still be married, let alone have a house. [Not that we couldn’t have done it; it just would not have been a “good idea,” if you know what I mean!] Contractors have come and gone on other less ambitious projects we couldn’t undertake, and we always had some regret, or some minor repairs to make after they left…

So, for our 30th wedding anniversary last year, we made plans to add a porch to our home as a gift to each other—the agreement was that neither one of us was permitted to take on any part of the task! Whitmer Decks became highly recommended. And, it is no wonder…

Cliff, I would like to tell anyone out there who is considering adding a screened in porch, deck, etc. to their home, that they should not even consider anyone but you for the job! I mean that so sincerely. Each day I couldn’t wait to get home from work to see what had been done (we won’t talk about the snow in March)! Your team worked so quickly, so neatly and efficiently. I did not tell you that when our old deck was pulled down and you had just put up the floor joists, that evening we both dangled our feet from the kitchen doorway in sweet anticipation of what was to come! And, now we are living that dream! Even though the weather has not been warm, we are out their daily bundled up in jacket and blankets, drinking coffee and enjoying the porch, each other’s company, and the view!

Thank you again.

-Karen & David Roberts

The deck turned out better than we expected, on time, and on budget. Cliff and his crew were extremely professional and hardworking; they took the time to explain the process, the timeline, etc. in a way that made it clear they knew what they were doing and that our new deck was in great hands. Once complete, the deck has been wonderful and exceeded our hopes for a great outdoor space to compliment our house and yard.

We routinely are told by guests how excellent the deck looks and how well built it is.

They then ask who built it and we're more than happy to recommend Whitmer Decks!

Thank you

I had a carpenter at the house today doing several little projects and he RAVED about my deck. Not just 2 or 3 times, but every time I talked to him during about 5 hours. He looked at everything -- all the details, the finish work, the drain system underneath, etc. etc.

Thanks again!

Thanks Cliff. We really appreciate your hard work and excellent craftsmanship. The deck is exactly what we wanted and imagined. The fence does look perfect, and the height of the fence looks just right. Your entire crew were true professionals as well.

We have been enjoying every minute on the deck, especially my son. Thanks again!


If you want a well-planned and well-crafted deck, built by a skilled crew, you want Whitmer Decks to build it. Cliff Whitmer is extremely helpful throughout the planning stage, using computer imagery to help you visualize your project — and patient when you change your mind. Lisa Whitmer stays on top of everything on the administrative side. Cliff and his crew are masters of their trade, and work together quickly and precisely to complete the project.

I come from a family of highly competent carpenters and I was looking for a company with similar skills and standards at an affordable price. Whitmer Decks did not disappoint! I was impressed at every step of the process, from the first meeting with Cliff through the finished deck and cleanup.

By the way...we LOVELOVELOVELOVE the deck. All of it. And all of the extra work your crew did to put our yard back in order including pulling up loose bricks, stacking them, cleaning dirt off the pool deck...just everything. Thank you. Cal and I could absolutely not be happier that we waited for you guys to do the deck instead of having someone (anyone) else do it.

Thanks for sharing these photos, Cliff.

It was great for me to learn more about what was done along the way. I only got to see the end of day status along the way. I was very curious about the wires for the lights. Now I know! We are very pleased, indeed. The deck seems to fit the back of the house like a glove. Thanks so much for such a great job—advice, design, workmanship, scheduling, permits, and much more. We really valued your professionalism and attention to all the details of this project. There is probably no one better in Northern VA. You should have your own show on HGTV—“The Deckster Doing it Right, Sir.”

Thanks for everything! Mark

March 7, 2011

Clifford K. Whitmer, President
Whitmer Decks, LLC
5765F Burke Centre Pkwy #162
Burke, Virginia 22015

What a great team to work with. From our first phone call setting up the initial appointment, through design, layout, discussion of materials, cost estimation, finalization of the design, scheduling and construction you worked hand in glove and provided us with accurate and timely information.

Sandy and I are very pleased with our new deck and we have received many compliments on its design and construction details that are evident in your quality workmanship. The end capping of the decking, the new anodized balusters, low voltage lighting and pergola makes the deck very attractive both day and in the evening. Cliff’s personality, knowledge, and professionalism are evident during project discussions and presentation of design options and throughout construction.

When the crew arrived we were introduced to each employee and watching their professionalism, attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship gave us a sense of comfort and the knowledge that we had hired the right firm. With Cliff being present daily throughout the removal of the old and the construction of the new deck gave us a sense of trust and satisfaction. We felt very comfortable leaving for the holidays, with the deck partially constructed, knowing that it would be completed to our expectations and satisfaction prior to our return. It was.

We will strongly recommend you to anyone that is interested in a quality deck being designed and constructed. Feel free to have you potential clients contact us and they certainly are welcome to stop by and see a great finished product.

Sandy and Sy Berdux

We used Checkbook.org to review deck builders, and found that Whitmer was 17 for 17 recommended, with very good reviews. We are happy to report that we had the same experience, and highly recommend Whitmer Decks. We loved the fact that they have a single crew with the owner leading the work. Cliff had thousands of pictures of prior jobs to show us so we could pick out exactly what we wanted. Each option was priced and they allowed us to change our mind up to a few weeks before we started. They lost a day to weather, and came back on the weekend to make up for it. They did not cut corners in material and the work was high quality. They installed our new door and fan, and even carried our grill up to the new deck. Down the road we might do a front porch with them, which is the best comment we can give.

(From www.Checkbook.org)

We could not be more pleased with our incredible experience with Whitmer Decks. When we met with Cliff at our initial consultation, he literally built our screened in porch and deck before our eyes on his computer using our thoughts and his ideas and expertise as we discussed them. We totally recommend them for their craftsmenship, their attention to every detail, and for the overall excellent quality of our experience. When they are building your deck, you are their number one priority. Lisa stayed in touch during the entre process and is very friendly and professional. Everyone came when expected, worked efficently when here, and completed the project totally as planned. Cliff's crew was pleasant and friendly, and are all excellent carpenters. Cliff's careful attention to our Design Review Board requirments led to a seamless approval process. When they finished our project, our property was completely clean of all debris. We had high expectations for our project, and they exceeded them all. We are thrilled with our beautiful screened in porch and deck. Whitmer Decks is the only deck company I would ever recommend to anyone.

(From www.Checkbook.org)

When I needed quotes for our new deck, I checked Washington Checkbook as usual for recommendations. In this difficult economy, only the fittest and best survive. Whitmer Decks proved this point when they promptly responded to my enquiry and followed it up with a consultation a few days later. From the outset Cliff was extremely professional and efficient (with help from wife Lisa). His quote laid out all the options we discussed - eg this deck in wood would be so much, this deck in synthetic, so much and these options so much. This way we were able to tailor the deck to our budget. When the location of the septic field proved to be an obstacle, Cliff redesigned the deck to give us what we wanted. Almost a thousand sq ft of two level deck was completed in two weeks, as quoted. We are exremely happy with the result. His many beautiful creations (including ours) can be viewed at whitmerdecks.com

(From www.Checkbook.org)


(From www.Checkbook.org)

May 23, 2010

About a week ago, Whitmer Decks installed our new composite deck, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We originally chose Whitmer Decks for two reasons: (1) they were one of the only deck builders on Consumer's Checkbook with universally positive ratings, and (2) they beat the next closest estimate by $1,700. After seeing our new deck, we're convinced that we chose wisely.

What makes Whitmer Decks special is that it's a small operation that delivers a remarkably well-crafted deck with a personal touch and professionalism that is hard to find these days among larger operations. From Cliff Whitmer's initial estimate -- which was scheduled on a Sunday at our convenience -- to Lisa's initial call where she laid out every step of the process, we felt like we were their only client. We never waited more than a couple of hours for a response to a question, and they were even able to start our deck two weeks ahead of schedule.

On "deck day", Whitmer Decks told us that they would start at 7:30AM. At 7:29AM, the ladder went up. They said it was going to take 2 days for the install -- and it did. What impressed us the most, though, is that Cliff was on site the entire time, and even our neighbors commented on how nice the entire crew was. And most important, the deck was incredibly well-built (no visible imperfections at all). In short, we got a great deck (complete with cool lighting) at a great price from great people. We couldn't ask for more.

(From www.Checkbook.org)

These photos are great! Thank you for a beautiful deck and new backyard. We are thrilled with the work and are already using the deck. We would be glad to be a reference/testimonial for you.

Sharon and Bob

Dear Cliff and Lisa,

Please forgive us for taking so long to get this done, but I wanted to let you know that we have sent a letter of reference to you in the mail today as well as posted our recommendation on the Washington Consumer Checkbook website, where we first read about you. We cannot even begin to tell you how much we are enjoying our new screened in porch and deck. We are still in the shock and awe stage every time we look at it. It’s pretty sad to go to our slideshow on your web site and see our old deck, but is so exciting to see what we have now—amazing transformation! We loved working with you both and also your incredibly talented crew so very much. Actually it was a little tough getting used to not having anyone here working everyday!

We want to wish you the best with the continued success of your company. Good news travels quickly so I am sure you will continue to enjoy the fruits of a stand out company that is excellent is every aspect and also so highly recommended. Please know that you are welcome to send anyone our way if they would like to see your beautiful work. We’d be thrilled to show it off!

We want to wish you the best with the continued success of your company. Good news travels quickly so I am sure you will continue to enjoy the fruits of a stand out company that is excellent is every aspect and also so highly recommended. Please know that you are welcome to send anyone our way if they would like to see your beautiful work. We’d be thrilled to show it off!

Grant and Deborah Whitley

Dear Cliff,

We cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job you, Lisa, and your crew did on our new screened in porch and deck. It is absolutely beautiful and we are thrilled with it. We have never had a home improvement project that went so smoothly and turned out so beautifully. We had high expectations for our project, and you exceeded them in every area.

At our first consultation, we were unsure what we were looking for. Your fabulous design suggestions came to life for us on your computer as you literally built the deck concepts as we discussed our ideas together. At completion, the resulting screened in porch and deck look more beautiful then we even imagined from the drawings. Your attention to every detail of the project, the professionalism and craftsmanship of you and your carpenters, your focus on staying on schedule in spite of challenging weather, and your presence and communication during the project everyday showed us why your are an incredibly successful company.

Lisa stayed in touch with us throughout the entire project and was extremely pleasant, professional, and efficient. It was also very enjoyable to have your crew here everyday. They were pleasant and friendly and are amazing carpenters. During the final day of the project, you and your crew cleaned up everything—there was no debris, trash, or any kind of disturbance of any kind to our property.

We also wanted to point out that your careful attention to the myriad of architectural requirements of our Design Review Board in Reston led to a seamless review process. When we realized that we would be out of town when the Board scheduled our review meeting, you were willing to attend the evening meeting for us on your own time to answer any questions from the Board. We do not know many companies that would be willing to do that for their clients.

Please add our names to your growing list of references from satisfied clients. We would love to show off our beautiful screened in porch and deck to anyone who would be interested in stopping by and seeing your beautiful work.

Thank you again for an incredible experience. We wish you continued success in your business.


Grant and Deborah Whitley

Dear Cliff and Lisa,

We would like to express our appreciation and great respect for the wonderful business you have created.

We learned of Whitmer Decks several months ago and from our very first contact (we sent an email and had a phone call from Lisa within a day!) to now, several weeks post deck installation, we have been inspired by your professionalism, craftsmanship, attention to detail and truly customer focused approach.

We had been contemplating replacing our deck for several years. In fact, two years ago we had a few companies provide us with quotes, however we delayed our decision at that time due to cost and lack of confidence in the contractors we spoke to. This year we determined that we could wait no longer and again started searching for a contractor that we were comfortable with – fortunately we learned of Whitmer Decks. You were both friendly, knowledgable, listened to our concerns/ideas and provided suggestions that were very helpful. You handled the paperwork and scheduling with such ease, it seemed to simply happen on its own. The date you initially identified as a start date was indeed the actual timing, with the exception that you called to say that you could start a few days EARLY, if that was ok with us (of course it was!).

Given that we are self employed and both work from home, we were able to observe the work in progress. We were never made to feel like a nuisance and we consistently witnessed the same scene – a hard working crew, working together like a finely tuned machine. In fact, you finished the job early – unbelievable!

We are so pleased with our finished product, both the deck and shed that you custom built. Our only disappointment is that you don’t do other construction. ;) The work you do and particularly the way you interact with and treat customers is simply extraordinary. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Kelly and Brad Funk (Springfield, VA)


Many thanks for a job well done.

Here's my recommendation. Also submitted to Angie's List:

Finished at budget and with about half a day to spare. Cliff and his crew understood what I had in mind and made it a reality. Cliff patiently went through three design changes while bidding, accompanied me to my housing association to approve the project (this was actually more difficult than I thought), and come out a day early to assess the conditions and park the supply trailer. I provided incomplete guidance on the gate. When I told Cliff what I wanted (a support and locking mechanism on the sling side), he came over the same day and made it so. This was AFTER he was done and under no real obligation to do so (these details were not in the original plans I submitted). I can be pretty hard to please when I have a strong idea of what I want a project to look like, but I can't say one bad thing about the experience. It was a pleasure doing business with Whitmer Decks: It's a rare thing when you get exactly what you wanted when you wanted it and at the price agreed to.

Happy Weekend, Joe Relk


Kareen and I love the new deck and fence. You and your wife and crew are such a pleasure to work with. I wish you did bathrooms, kitchens and electrical work. Feel free to use us as a reference.

I finally got around to putting a recommendation on Washington Consumer Checkbook. Here is the text of what I wrote, and I mean every word of it (my wife reviewed and approved too):

Whitmer Decks is the best home improvement company we have ever used by far. We found them highly recommended on Washington Consumer Checkbook’s website. We then contacted them via their website, and Lisa Whitmer called us back to set up an appointment. Cliff Whitmer (who owns the company) came out to look at our old deck. We had some ideas of how we wanted it built, and several problems with the old deck that we were trying to resolve. Cliff offered several excellent suggestions, and then left to design a new deck. When he came back, he presented the proposed deck on his laptop showing us in a computer Cad Cam program exactly how it would look even down to the lighting if we wanted it. We could see it from all angles and see the actual posts which held it up. He gave a great presentation, and the deck was just what we envisioned.

Our main problem with most companies is that a salesman sells us a wonderful concept, then we never see that person again. We usually end up with less than we were promised or have a big problem getting them to make it right. That did not happen with Whitmer Decks. Cliff has one work crew, and he heads it up, so the person who designed your deck, heard all the little things that you wanted, and sold it to you – is the person who is there every day building it. What a difference!

We saw several little things as his crew was building the deck that we had not thought to tell him. He immediately came up with creative and wonderful small changes that made the deck even better. Our deck looks magnificent, and is even better than we envisioned it. We had a composite deck built, and we are very pleased with it. We also had a fence built while they were here, and we are also very pleased with it.

Cliff and his crew are very professional and very nice. They tell you when they are coming, exactly what will happen, and they hold to their schedule. They are a pleasure to talk with and they take pains to make your experience a good one. We had neighbors who had piled things against our old fence. We had other neighbors who were afraid their dogs would get loose while the fence was being built. Cliff and his crew handled both situations well. After the deck was completed, their clean up job was extraordinary. My wife said that our backyard looked better after they left than it did before they came.

If you are looking for quality and a great experience, my wife and I highly recommend Whitmer decks.

Carl & Kareen


Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job on my new screened in porch and attached deck. This project was something I had been wanting for more than 10 years and putting off for fears of the cost. Boy was I wrong to wait. Family and friends took one look and all said "you should have done this long ago.". Not only will I get much use and enjoyment out of it, but I can see how this addition truly does add to the value of my home and will closely pay for itself when it’s time to sell.

Why did I choose Whitmer Decks? Let me list the reasons:

1. Your excellent A rating with the Better Business Bureau
2. Your informative website.
3. Your extensive work within my community.
4. Your step by step computer presentation of the potential design and options.
5. Your obvious knowledge of, not only, the construction requirements but also the county codes needing to be met was reassuring.
6. Your plan to coordinate the entire project, including scheduling utility markings, electrical work and inspections.
7. While you were thorough in outlining the pros and cons of the design and options, at no time did I feel pushed in one direction, toward multiple options or pressured to make a quick decision.

Bottom line, quality and structural safety were my biggest concerns and all of the above led me to believe I would get both with Whitmer Decks.

Am I happy I chose Whitmer Decks? Emphatically, yes!

The quality of the workmanship is obvious, making the finished product not only pleasing to look at, but also providing me a comfortably secure feeling that my second story screened porch and deck is structurally sound. I appreciate how professional you and your crew were throughout the building process and, despite the sweltering heat, how you managed to stay on schedule and complete all work during the eight business days projected, including coordination of electrical work and final inspections. I felt informed every step of the way.

Thanks again and feel free to include me in your list of customers available to provide a reference.

Diane Stoutner
Burke, VA

Cliff: Just got home and we love the shed! You really did an amazing job with the limited space. Thanks so much and I will put the check in the mail tomorrow! Also, thanks for getting it done earlier than expected. We have a graduation party coming up for my daughter and it will be nice to have the house a little nicer than before for the party!

Annette and Jesus


We want to thank you for the excellent job that you and your skilled and hardworking crew did in building our “outdoor living space”. We really love our screened-in porch and deck and look forward to enjoying our “outdoor living space” for many years, God willing.

Pat and I are glad that we took you up on building both the screened-in porch and the deck, which blend perfectly to provide a very nice “outdoor living space”, because we were not quite sure what we really wanted. Pat was convinced of the direction to go when you presented the 3 dimensional drawing plans on your PC in the fall of 2009, way before the start of the project. We always wanted another way to get into the house from the back and the stairs to the deck does the job so well. The 3 paned French doors that swing out into the porch provides much needed space that we need when our large family gets together often. We are also glad that we took you up on many options, such as the skylights, lighting, treated upscale materials and siding that should last a very long time. We also appreciate your flexibility and doing things we wanted, such as installing a safety gate on the deck to prevent our toddler grand children from falling on the stairs.

This was the biggest project done to our home and we were amazed how smoothly and timely everything went every step of the way, starting with blueprints for ARB approval, building permits, start to completion of the building in spite of the snowiest winter in VA and final inspections.

All our neighbors and friends love our “outdoor living space” and have asked us more about Whitmer Decks. We will recommend Whitmer Decks to all our friends and neighbors without any hesitation.

Pat and Gai Gaitonde

Cliff and Lisa...

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Glenda and I hope your family are all doing well and that you are enjoying the holidays. Please use the endorsement below as you wish, and add our names to your list of satisfied customers!

Before contacting you for the first time, we went back and forth for the better part of a year about whether to add a deck to our all brick townhouse. We were concerned about cost, and worried that we would not be satisfied with the quality of the work. Thank goodness we waited, and ended up with Whitmer Decks! The price was fair and the work is of the highest quality.

It was a pleasure to watch your crew at work. You were so quick and efficient, and communicated so well with each other, that we knew immediately we made the right decision to have your company do this job for us. We also appreciate that both of you were so readily available to answer questions, and that everything promised happened right on time from beginning to end.

The deck looks great, and the whole effort (deck, metal railing, french doors where windows had been, lighting, etc.) is completely compatible with the design of our home. We could not be happier. Thanks so much for a job well done.

Best wishes, Bob and Glenda Etchison

Dickson Lower Deck – Recommendation Letter
December 2009

They did it again! We needed a solution to avoid walking out our back door into a muddy mess. We had a small backyard with a shed sitting haphazardly, scattered flagstone, and a 20 year-old fence that was still somehow standing.

Whitmer Decks worked with us to design a complete solution which included a wooden deck spanning the width of our house, concrete foundation for our eco-friendly composite shed, new fence, and a solid gate with a great latch which makes it possible for our kids to move their bikes in and out of the backyard. The Whitmer Deck design leveraged the posts and foundation of our upper screened in deck they designed and built for us in June 2005.

We are thrilled. We look out our slider to see a beautiful miniature Japanese maple that was once lost, a custom enclosure with gate around our heat pump, and a very clean organized backyard where are kids can play without worry.

Our only problem now is deciding which deck to spend our time on ... the upper screened deck we refer to as the adult tree house or the fenced in, kid-friendly lower deck.

Whitmer Decks Testimonial
May 22, 2009
Jim and Nancy Novak
Burke, Virginia

From start to finish, Whitmer Decks made the planning, design, and construction of our deck and fence a real pleasure. Cliff Whitmer personally overseas the construction of each and every project. He works closely with you during the design process listening carefully, making suggestions, and incorporating your own personal design preferences. He also uses a state of the art computer aided drafting program that provides a detailed blueprint of what the finished project will look like. Cliff displays the utmost professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail—qualities that are becoming increasingly scarce in the business. Cliff was always responsive to my requests, including returning promptly to personally fix the lock on my gate that was defective. The quality and craftsmanship of the deck and fence speaks for itself. The obvious pride that Cliff and his crew put into the construction of the project is second-to-none. He uses the best construction materials, design features, and finnishing touches that set the deck and fence apart from others in the neighborhood. My family and friends were amazed at the quality, craftsmanship, and beauty of the deck and fence, each saying that it is the nicest they’ve ever seen. In short, I would enthusiastically and without reservations recommend Whitmer Decks to anyone who is considering constructing a deck or outdoor living space. Indeed, I’m planning to contract Cliff again next spring to build a lower level deck beneath the one he constructed this past March, and look forward to beginning the planning and construction process with him again. Whitmer Decks gets an A+ for quality, craftsmanship, professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail. It just doesn’t get any better than Whitmer Decks.

Well done, Cliff, and thank you for our beautiful new deck and fence!

Hi Cliff and Lisa—

Neal and I are sorry we’ve taken so long to thank you for the new deck. We are very happy with the design and look forward to enjoying the deck again this summer. We know our deck did present some challenges, but you and your crew handled them promptly and those efforts are a testament to your commitment to do a good job.

Please include us in your list of customers that are available to serve as a reference. Also, we love the book chronicling our new deck –Thank you!

Neal and Denise Londos

I used Consumers’ Checkbook as a primary tool for research in deciding who to hire for our deck/porch project. This resource, being consumer oriented which has input by those whom are proactive in consumer research, proved to be very valuable. As this type of project is major construction and is essentially an addition to your property, quality is very important as well as the competence of the contractor. So thanks to all the members of Consumers’ Checkbook who post substantive information about contractors and their overall performance. I also looked at the Better Business Bureau for some insight as well http://www.dc.bbb.org/Consumer.asp.

Now about Whitmer Decks, LLC. Where do I start? If I were a teacher and had to post their final grade, it would be an A, without question. The first contact with the company was in an email, which was promptly returned (remember the word prompt here) by Lisa Whitmer. Next was a meeting with Cliff Whitmer…I was impressed from the first meeting…personable, knowledgeable, professional and he was prompt! Next was the planning phase based on my wife’s and my ideas and his assessment of the project area, property boundary, etc. Cliff brought back a number of options for just a deck or a screened in section plus a deck. He also covered all material options, lighting, old deck removal, etc. and line itemed every option. His presentation was with a 3D design program on his laptop computer. I forgot to mention, his arrival at the planning meeting was prompt. Once we knew all the options we decided to go for the deck and screened in porch. Cliff and Lisa will assist you in the planning; it does require lead time, especially if you have a homeowner association, but they know the effort and planning required. Cliff and Lisa let us know the status of our construction start date along the way, because weather or other factors can alter the timeline; he was within a day of the planned start date estimate. When they said they would be there on a Tuesday morning, well…..they were prompt! (actually he lied….they were fifteen minutes early!). Wow…how do I hire this guy to work for me? Wait…I did. Anyway, from day one, Cliff and his crew (Matt and David) were there each and every day. The only thing stopping their progress was an all day rain event (and he let me know they couldn’t make it that day). Imagine that, without asking…he contacted us!! Cliff works on one project at a time until completion. That was golden to us. We know of many friends and neighbors who had contractors do major deck projects for them and they didn’t show up or didn’t return calls, or they took a very long time to complete the project. Cliff and his crew were always on the job and stayed throughout their scheduled day (sometimes later). If I had any questions Cliff answered them promptly!! My wife and I commented repeatedly on just how smooth this project went. Cliff and Lisa handled the material delivery, permits, electrical work, and project management in such an organized way I finally stopped asking certain questions about the project as it was in progress (I’m used to being a skeptic as I have experienced way too many times where people do not take their work seriously and have poor customer care skills). Cliff’s small company stands out by a mile in my opinion on customer care, integrity, honesty, craftsmanship, quality, construction knowledge and overall professionalism. Each job is important to Cliff and it shows. Whitmer Decks is without a doubt the most responsive, competent, caring contractor I’ve encountered in 24 years of home ownership. My wife and I were extremely pleased with the entire project and the results were awesome! Keep up the good work Cliff and Lisa!

Glenn & Denise Frano, Lake Ridge, VA

Hi Cliff and Lisa,
We are so pleased with our new screened porch and deck. You are very professional and very easy to work with. You took ideas and came up with a wonderful plan and when we saw the finished porch and deck today we were so pleased. We had been very impressed with how hard your worked each day and "tidied" up when you left. All of your crew displayed a great work ethic which we very much appreciated. Everything you said would be done was done. Thanks! We are looking forward to spending many hours on our new porch and deck!!!

Betsy and Don Henretty

Thanks Cliff and Happy Thanksgiving,

We are grateful for the fine workmanship you did on our deck. The joints on the deck floor are tighter than those on the hardwood floors in my house. You really are a craftsman. Jared and Matt are diligent hard working guys too. You have a good crew! I welcome you to share my comments as a testimonial on your web page and I would gladly act as a reference for you.

I look forward to doing business with you in the very near future to build our privacy fence.

Warmest regards,

Terry Forrester and Sue Hermitage
Falls Church, VA

Nov. 4, 2008

Dear Mr. Cliff Whitmer,

We would like to thank you and your crew for a wonderful job on our new deck and fence; both exceeding our expectations. The deck and fence are clearly solid, sound, and aesthetically beautiful works.

I must admit that when we first met with you, a class A contractor, and saw how organized and efficient you were, in addition to viewing your striking previous projects, we thought we would not be able to afford your business. Then when we saw your computerized program that was tailored to our particular needs, we knew for sure that we would not be able to afford your work. Luckily we had you return with an itemized quote the following week and, to our surprise and delight, your prices were better than any of the six other estimates that we had received (not to mention, from companies that were only half as organized and detail oriented as you).

We were extremely satisfied in that with each of our last minute changes, you were not only pleasantly accommodating, but also in your method of pricing you identified very clearly the areas that had increased in price in addition to areas that had also decreased in price. You were very fair in outlining exact costs of any additions so that we could make decisions that would give us both the deck of our dreams, and at a price that we could afford.

The workmanship of you and your crew was top-notch and it was a pleasure watching the entire process from my living room. The obviously highly educated crew worked hard, extremely hard, the entire week on our project. In the end, it was clear the extra attention to detail that you included; such as the rounded edges on the posts, the custom gate, the extra supports, the brackets, and the extra cross bar on the fence.

In summary, we are more than pleased with the beginning, middle, and end result of working with your company and we would highly recommend you to anyone who asks.

Thank you,
Melanie Rodas
Colony Park, Fairfax VA


I want to thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did. We are very happy with the results and appreciate your fine craftsmanship. You are right about the lights and drainage system-both really make a difference. I will certainly recommend you widely!

This was an outstanding experience. Mr & Mrs Whitmer were exceptionally responsive and knowledgeable. Deck design was done on computer with visualization and flexibility. No question was too much and answers were spot on. Precision is the most defining quality of Whitmer Decks. Everything was measured before cutting and their were no mistakes or waste. Tools were first class and used appropriately. Their work was the best I have ever seen. As the work progressed, very efficiently, I might add, modifications were willingly accepted and handled with the same outstanding precision as everything else. Top it off with a polite, courteous and punctual crew with evident experience and pride of workmanship made this the best project that I have ever, repeat, ever contracted. I recommend Whitmer Decks without any reservation.

We just had a deck built by Whitmer Decks of Burke Virginia. Cliff Whitmer and his wife Lisa run an outstanding company. When I called to make an appointment for an estimate I told Lisa that we had an odd shaped lot and before we even hired Whitmer Decks, Lisa had called the County about our plat of land to get the construction set backs. Cliff is great to work with also. He spent a lot of time with us talking about size, shape, stairs or no stairs, and materials. He gave us the pro's and cons of all the ideas we had and then suggested some of his own which we incorporated. After getting two other bids we selected Whitmer decks. Cliff provided all the drawings and paperwork we needed to get our HOA approval. I was going to attend the HOA meeting when our Deck came up for approval but I called the day of the meeting to find out what time the meeting was and they said don't bother coming to the meeting. The package we submitted was the most professional they had seen and said the deck would easily be approved and it was. We had a two month wait before Whitmer Decks could start. However, they were able to move us up about a month when an opening in their schedule came up. Cliff and his crew started and completed the job when he said they would. The job site was always clean when they left each day. The deck came out even better than I had imagined. The workmanship is excellent. After the deck was completed we noticed one issue with the railing that needed to be corrected. Cliff came out the next day and fixed it. Great service!

I highly recommend Whitmer Decks and I have recommended them to my co-workers and neighbors. I can't say enough about how happy we are with our Whitmer Deck and our experience in working with them.

Thanks Cliff and Lisa for our great deck.

Dear Cliff,

From the beginning, we knew we made the right decision in choosing Whitmer Decks to build our screened porch. It started with your website - I knew that someone who posted pictures of their projects from start to finish had a lot of pride in their work. And every deck and porch in your gallery was impressive and showed quality craftsmanship. We decided to look no further and I called Lisa immediately. She was courteous, friendly, and took her time with me on the phone. For the estimate, you arrived at my house on-time, and your professionalism, enthusiasm, and willingness to talk with us as long as we needed answering all our questions also impressed us. The CAD drawing was great, helping us visualize the final product, and the way you were able to add and subtract options on your spreadsheet right there on your laptop made it easy for us to narrow down our choices.

I like the way you kept in regular contact with us through the waiting period by sending us periodic e-mails. We've dealt with other contractors and sometimes it feels like they've forgotten about us until we hear from them right before the work is supposed to start.

Your work ethic is amazing. You and your crew were always punctual, courteous, and professional. If the end, you delivered a product ahead of schedule that was exactly what you promised and fulfilled our dream to have an outdoor living space we could enjoy, protected from the elements and the bugs. We couldn't be happier with the results. We now have the best looking deck/porch on our street, maybe even in our neighborhood! And the outstanding quality and craftsmanship can only come from your attention to detail and superior skills. Whitmer Decks definitely has our endorsement and high recommendation.

Cliff, thanks again to you, Lisa, and your crew for our beautiful screened porch.


Lynn and Michael Cava

Cliff and Lisa,

Thank you for the pictures. We are happy with the deck and you should be proud of your crew. The deck is what we wanted and requested. We are thrilled with the workmanship and the outcome. I am sure that during the construction there were issues – there always is. However, if there were issues, Denise and I were unaware. To us everything moved smoothly without a hiccup.

I hope that our neighbors, the Johnsons, decide to select your company for their deck. We would like the Johnsons to choose your company for another reason – that is, just to shake your hand again. We know that we customers. However, please, if you and your family and/or your crew are ever in the neighborhood – stop in for a chat and refreshments. Additionally, we are considering another project and your company is in the plan.

Never loose Lisa – she is a huge asset. She is prompt, friendly, understanding and is great support for your business. Denise enjoyed dealing with her by telephone and e-mail.

I know that you did not build the taj mahal, but to us it is. If you or your company needs a recommendation, please put our name and telephone number at the top of your client referral list.

Anyway…good luck,

Denise and I wish you continued success with your business.

Dear Cliff and Lisa,

We want to thank both of you and your crew for our beautiful new deck. We love the way it lights up at night and how it blends in so well with the surrounding nature in our backyard. It has been very cold these days, but we can’t wait for it to get warmer to spend more time out there.

We appreciate how quickly you responded to everything, from the time we requested information about the deck to the last finishing touches. After talking to some of the neighbors that had Whitmer Decks installed and seeing their high quality decks, we knew that we could not go wrong with Whitmer Decks. The installation went very well and on schedule. You were all very dependable and trustworthy. We highly recommend your company to anyone who wants a new deck.

Adriana and Lyn Beard


Thank you for the fantastic deck & the relocation of the windows to the side of the breakfast room. I still can't believe three folks did this fantastic job in five days. Its nicer that we ever could have ever imagined. I'm so glad we went with the Dry Deck system and the accent lighting, and as you know my wife is the one who wanted the windows moved and that turned out to be a fantastic idea as it really opened up that room and added so much more light. The project was so well managed from my initial contact with you about a deck all the way through completion. Job well done and you now have yet another satisfied customer.

Dave & Holly Nermyr

August 1, 2007

Mr. Cliff Whitmer
Whitmer Decks
5765F Burke Centre Pkwy #162
Burke, VA 22015

Dear Cliff:

One thing is for sure – you deliver what you promise, and that’s quality service.

I told Monica after our first meeting that I wanted you to build our deck, and nothing from start to finish caused me to doubt that initial feeling – in fact, everything you did supported and reinforced it.

We are extremely happy with our new deck, and appreciate greatly the effort you and your team took to meet our “needs and wants” and do a first-class, super-quality job.

It must be extremely gratifying to own and operate your business, and have the opportunity to take pride in your work over and over again as you finish each project. It definitely shows in our new deck, and I’d be happy for you to use it – and me – as a reference any time.

I used to say that there were only two places left where you could get good quality products and service – Ukrop’s Super Markets and USAA. Now I say there are three, and Whitmer Decks is on that list.

Thank you and best of luck always.

Tom Phillips

Hi Peggy;

We recently had our screened in porch and outside deck totally dismantled and replaced by Whitmer Decks of Burke, VA. Cliff Whitmer and his 2-man crew did a fantastic job of incorporating different ideas we had on design and layout, as well as a willingness to quickly make additional changes on the fly. Their use of high quality wood, tongue and groove construction for the indoor porch and all-weather composite material for the deck, accented by indirect lighting on both the porch and deck, has resulted in a wonderful addition to our home. And while our dogs may have been displaced from using the backyard during the short 3 and 1/2 week construction period, the cleanup at the end was superb, with not a nail or scrap of wood to be found. For additional information, contact Cliff Whitmer at Whitmer Decks; 703-425-3325 or visit www.whitmerdecks.com.

Paul and Leslee Bollea

Dear Cliff,

It has been 4 days since you finished our deck and Margy can’t stop saying “love it, love it”. My comment is “WOW!” The deck couldn’t have turned out better, and exceeded our high expectations.

We had a 17 year old deck without stairs and were also in need of a little privacy from our immediate neighbors. We were impressed from our initial meeting as you listened to our needs and made suggestions that improved upon our ideas. A couple of your insightful ideas were lengthening the deck to 20 feet (since decking comes in 20’ lengths) and moving the stairs from the side of the deck, where we thought we wanted them, to the front to improve flow to the patio below. Your other suggestions included a nifty pergola, a cement pad to tie the steps to the patio, grooving out the lumber so the light wires were hidden and a cool little trap door in the deck so we could reach the water spigot. You also gave us additional information on our selection of the composite material Evergrain which eased our minds with the extra expense.

You were out the next day with “our” deck design on a laptop computer. The program graphically showed our deck with all the details so we knew exactly what to expect. We signed the contract and you took care of the rest.

The deck was built on time and the craftsmanship is remarkable. The crew was pleasant and professional. You being one of them and there each day was also a bonus.

We made the right choice selecting Whitmer Decks and would be more than happy to provide more glowing details (there are many more) to anyone who would like to contact us.

Jeff and Margy Hofsass
Burke, VA

Cliff and Lisa,

This 52 year old youngster has never been so thoroughly impressed with a company.

Surfing the Net, I found your website. Perusing it for an hour, Whitmer Decks' commitment to quality struck me as quite obvious.

I called, considering getting an estimate. Lisa answered, spoke unrushed, and was very helpful and thorough in her answers to my questions. Still impressed, I scheduled the estimate.

Cliff arrived. No disappointments. When he was pulling-out of our driveway, Laura said to me, "Yep, looks like you found the right guy." Quality and competence simply oozed.

A week later, Cliff arrived with the proposal. He didn't know it at the time, but I had gotten no other estimates - and was not going to get any. I had been looking around for "the right" deck builder for 5+ years - and I already knew my deck was going to be a Whitmer deck.

I signed on the dotted line. The deck was built. I happened to be working from home for much of the two weeks Cliff was here, and told him, "Don't worry, I won't be micro-managing. But, if you were Long Decks, I'd be overseeing all day long!"

My deck is perfect! It is, unequivocally, truly a piece of art. I upgraded to the EverGrain composite decking (I did my homework before deciding on EverGrain. When Cliff came to give the estimate, I mentioned that I wanted an EverGrain deck - I wasn't too surprised to hear that is the composite decking he recommends.), and I have a deck whose craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and attention to detail will be visible and satisfying to Laura and me for many, many years.

NO surprises or disappointments during the entire deck "process". My hunch was "right-on" - I made the right decision - no cut-corners, excuses, delays, or lack of commitment to quality and conscientiousness. My very high expectations were exceeded.

Our deck is a masterpiece.

Have Cliff or Lisa give you Laura's and my home phone number, if you want to hear (or see) more of our raving review.

My next-door neighbor is "EVP of Construction" with a DC-area luxury home builder, and he, too, has never seen a deck built with such attention to detail. He also told me, "You received upgraded wood and hardware, too", and that I "paid (only) for a typical (quality) builder's deck".

I could go on.

"Thank You", Cliff and Lisa. So exceedingly rare is such an experience.

Jim Poppleton
Great Falls VA

(This letter was not solicited.)

April 15, 2007

We just wanted to thank you for our beautiful new deck and screened porch. We love the way everything turned out! We never doubted that you would do a great job, but your work actually exceeded our expectations. Everything is solidly built, and we appreciate your attention to details that we would not have even thought of (like putting electrical outlets in the porch). We are so glad we opted for the lighting. It looks great at night and adds a really nice touch. Oh, and thank you for the hooks for the bird feeders!

From beginning to end, it was a pleasure working with you. Even though our original idea turned out to be unworkable, you gave us good advice. We were very impressed by how thorough your plans were, and the fact that you kept us informed every step of the way. You started the project on time, and finished ahead of schedule. Even our son (who constructs sets for plays and plans to pursue set construction in college) is impressed with your work!

So, thanks again. We know we will enjoy our deck/porch for years to come. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a new deck!


Rudy and Jan Baum

27 March 2007

Hi Cliff,

From the get-go, Aurora and I knew we have the right person to build our new deck! As a matter of fact, we did not even consider looking for the proverbial “second or third” quote. Not only did you show up on time at our first meeting but you also came in prepared with helpful design ideas and plenty of related information that made it a lot easier for us. We were so impressed with your presentation and of course, your website that we just knew you could deliver what you promise. You also helped us navigate the process from the initial design aspect of it to securing the building permit to the construction stage; it was all worry-free for us.

You started on the project right on the first day it was scheduled with all the materials made available at the site the day before --- a very good sign of course. You and your team went right on to it and whoala … our new deck was in full view! More importantly it was completed one day ahead of schedule. I must also point out that your attention to details is admirable; for instance, what you presented to us in CAD print was the exact actual deck that you built. You also made sure that there are no nail heads sticking out and no trip/splinter -hazards by either rounding off or beveling/ leveling the sharp edges or protrusion especially the wood floorings. Additionally, all debris was hauled away and you even left the yard cleaner than before.

Fortunately for us, the weather during that time was picture-perfect and so the very day you completed the project, Aurora and I were out there enjoying our beautiful deck. I would say that our deck is quality-built from A to Z and it compliments our house quite well. We know we will enjoy it for many more years to come. Thanks to you, to your team and to your wife as well for a job superbly done.

Lastly, I think that nowadays, it is hard to find a good contractor but to find an excellent one who enjoys what he does and on the same breath proud of what he builds is even harder to come by. Luckily we found one! You promised us a package and without a doubt --- you delivered it! Thanks again for a very pleasant experience! And so to you and to your equally professional and highly skilled team, we take our hats off.

All the best!

Paul and Aurora Pureza

Our friends just had a screen porch and deck designed and built by Cliff Whitmer. It is the most beautiful screen porch we've ever seen so we called Cliff immediately. He's a joy to work with and his designs and sound advice fit our own ideas of the perfect outdoor room. You will not be disappointed.

Referring Member: Maria Alvarez-Lundie
Source: www.neighbors-international.com

Hi Cliff,

The deck is beautiful, and with these crazy warm December days we've actually been able to enjoy it!

We're completely satisfied, couldn't have asked for better service and quality. We appreciated the emailed updates, the timely start and completion (including the clean up).

All the neighbors have come by and said it looks great. That morning when the Fairfax County inspector came by I was working at the dining room table, and I overheard him say as he was leaving, "Don't tell anyone I said this, but you do good work!"

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


Einar David Bohlin
Mclean, Virginia


Thank you for the great job. We can't say enough about how nice it is to come in from our garage without having to slam the door! What a difference it makes - so glad we had you fix that!

Seriously, we absolutely love our screened porch, deck and new french door and are so pleased with the work you and your crew did. It looks terrific and we are enjoying it very much. The lights really add to the feeling.

Our friends are amazed that after doing such a big job we are still saying nice things about our contractor! The entire process was a pleasure. From our first meeting we felt that we had made the right choice and we weren't disappointed. We especially appreciate your professional handling of every aspect of the job. The best thing was knowing that you always followed through on what you said.

Thanks also for your patience in scheduling and rescheduling when we had problems with ordering our door.

We will be happy to recommend you to anyone needing this type of job. It was great working with you.

Thanks again,
Joann and Scott Sullivan

Cliff -

Just a quick note to thank you for the work you did in building our deck. Quite simply, you did a great job. You and your men were diligent and professional, and did a good job cleaning up after. I was actually surprised at how quickly the work went once you started. We are just now getting used to having breakfast out there. It is unusual these days to find a contractor who is as motivated and responsive to your clients as you have been with us.

Dave and Lisa Kindig

Jim and I simply love our new deck (or "Safari Treehouse" as Jim likes to call it). What a difference, we can now actually enjoy our backyard jungle!

We want to add that you and your team absolutely surpassed our expectations delivering expert craftmenship, exemplary customer service, and innovative professionalism. It was a genuine pleasure doing business with you all.
Thank you!

Jim & Sandra Hickman


I know that Curt sent a short e-mail yesterday with praise for the completed deck. I’d just like to add my appreciation as well. We are delighted with the way the deck looks – turned on the lights last night and it was even better than what we had envisioned! Not only are we pleased with the finished product, but we appreciate your professionalism during the entire process. You were very patient and helpful as we formalized our ideas and made numerous changes to the design, you helped us keep the cost down by your willingness to incorporate the usable parts of the existing deck, you kept us appraised of your schedule as it changed and worked around our summer plans, you and your crew were pleasant, accommodating, meticulous and detailed as you executed the project and you were thorough in your after construction clean-up. In summary, we have a beautiful deck and enjoyed the experience of working with you. As Curt expressed, it will be our pleasure to recommend Whitmer Decks to others.



What a superb product! I am delighted with your keen craftsmanship and sense of personal excellence. I would be happy to give anyone a rousing endorsement if asked about your company.


Cliff -

Thanks so much for the outstanding work of you and your crew in building our screened porch. We are extremely pleased with it, and the kids love the new porch and deck! We were very impressed with your professionalism and quality of work that Whitmer Decks produces. The detail work on the porch really sets it apart, and the construction is top notch. We really appreciated all the extra work you put in to make the deck a reality - getting the power company to move the power line and handling all the permit work with the county was a huge help and made the project go so smoothly.

Thanks so much for your efforts, and please use us for a reference in the future. We enjoyed working with you and your crew, and appreciate the fine workmanship that went into our screened porch and deck - we are very glad that we chose Whitmer Decks to handle the project!

Brad & Raena Close

We highly recommend Whitmer Decks as an excellent company to work with on home improvements. Their workmanship and quality are of the highest standards. Our project proceeded in June of this year without any problems and we are very satisfied with the finished product.

We would recommend Cliff to anyone seeking to hire a reputable firm to construct a deck or porch for their house. Cliff’s work ethic and professionalism sets him apart in my opinion as does the craftsmanship he puts into the job.

Len & Jean Bourneuf
Burke, VA


Today I had a knock at the door, only to find the inspector here for the deck. He had all the papers in his hand, and I was surprised he came to talk to me. But, as he handed me the papers, he told me he'd made a point to come and talk to me because he sees a lot of decks in his line of work, and he wanted to personally pass along what a nicely built deck ours was. Just thought I'd pass the compliment along to you in turn.

I talked to Vernon about the shed; we may be in touch later - we're trying to come to consensus about the size.

Thanks Cliff,

Kathy Joyner

Ms. Gladys Frye
Oak Hill, Virginia 20171

March 2, 2006

To the Staff at Whitmer Decks:

I would like to commend Whitmer Decks for the outstanding job your company did this summer in building my deck at Rose Petal Circle, Oak Hill, Virginia. The professionalism and friendly service displayed by your company from the beginning of the project far exceeded the other local builders who presented competing bids. Whitmer Decks did the project on the exact timeline and cost estimate promised.

I would gladly recommend Whitmer Decks to anyone who wants a quality deck built at a fair price in the Northern Virginia area. Please feel free to share my name and address with other potential customers.

Ms. Gladys Frye

Dear Cliff:

Barbara and I are hugely pleased with the screened deck you built for us. Your handling of this project was superb in all respects. Your preparation of options and estimates was helpful and informative. You worked in punctual and timely manner, and did so in a way that minimized the disruptions to our patterns of daily life. And the finished product was beautiful, inspiring I might even say. Barbara, too, finds it inspiring, even to the extent of referring to it as our Yosemite Room, to memoralize what remains our favorite place on earth, and where we honeymooned 43 years ago.

We will certainly recommend you to anyone who is interested in having a deck built. Moreover, the picture book you prepared on our project, with pictures running from start to finish, is a wonderful reminder that many people have already enjoyed looking at.

With all best wishes, I remain

Yours Most Sincerely, Dick W.

Mr. & Mrs. Whitmer

Thank you so very much for the picture book of my deck. It is such a wonderful touch from an outstandingly, professional company.

Have a wonderful winter holiday and a Happy New Year

Gail Greene

December 27, 2005

Lisa, Cliff and Whitmer Decks,

Thank you for making our first major home improvement so successful. From the planning to the completion of our screened porch and deck, the process was very efficient and trouble free. The screened porch is beautiful and we can’t wait for spring so we can really enjoy it! This addition will also help to increase our living space. Thank you for working with us on the plans and taking us step by step through this building process.


Kevin and Bobbie Conners

December 26, 2005

Clifford K Whitmer, President
Whitmer Decks, LLC
5765F Burke Centre Pkwy #162
Burke, VA 22015

Dear Cliff:

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to you and your family, and also thank you profusely for the efforts of you and your crew. The job you did on my deck/fence/shed was nothing short of incredible, and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results. I just received the binded portfolio of before and after pictures from the project…….a fitting conclusion to an all-around professional job! I must admit, it was a bit strange knowing that my backyard was being completely transformed while I was away on vacation, but I definitely returned home to a wonderful treat.

I had several estimates done for this project, and thought long and hard about which direction to go. I’d already had a bad experience with a previous project that was subcontracted through Home Depot, so I decided that I’d go with the company that showed me the most “attention to detail”. Whitmer Decks was the obvious choice, after hearing how much personal attention my home was going to be getting…..and that wasn’t just lip service. The results speak for themselves. I’m a rookie homeowner, but from the initial estimate, to the drawing of the plans, to the conduct of the project…..this was the COMPLETE package!

I’m preparing to have a backyard landscaping project done (to compliment the beautiful woodworking of Whitmer Decks), and I certainly plan to recommend you to any of their clients. Feel free to use me as a reference or bring potential future clients by to see your handiwork. I’m proud to show it off! Thanks again!!


Josh Lafferty
United States Navy Supply Corps

December 14, 2005

George and Zoe Trautman

Dear Cliff and Lisa, We would like to commend Whitmer Decks for the outstanding job your company did this month in building our deck at 5968 New England Woods Drive in Burke. The professionalism and customer friendly service displayed by you and Lisa from the beginning of the project far exceeded the other local builders who presented competing bids. During the design phase, you offered a wide range of options and you went out your way to help us decide what was most important to us in the finished product. We particularly liked the fact that you personally supervise all your crews and that you gave us plenty of time to look over the contract before making the final decision. And, most important of all, once we chose Whitmer Decks to do the project you delivered a beautiful deck on the exact timeline and cost estimate you had promised.

Since we are temporarily living out of the country, we were certainly relieved to find a local builder like you who we could trust to do this job right the first time. Zoe and I would gladly recommend Whitmer Decks to anyone who wants a quality deck built at a fair price in the northern Virginia area. Please feel free to share our name and address with other potential customers.

Sincerely, George J. Trautman

Clifford K Whitmer, President
Whitmer Decks, LLC
5765F Burke Centre Pkwy # 162
Burke, Virginia 22015

Subject: New deck. Recommendation

Dear Cliff,

We like to thank you for the great job that you and your crew did on completing our deck. As you know we had a bad experience with the last contactor we had. But with you it was just great from start to finish. You contacted us within a day from when I sent the e-mail to get an estimate. You call and we made an appointment for you to come and meet with us. You showed up on time, got what we were looking for, and told us you would be back within a week. You got back with us having a drawing and the estimate cost depending on the options we decided to take. We did pick a busy time of year to call you and should have found you sooner. You are a busy person and told us it would be five months before you could start. But gave us a start date of September 19. With a date that far down the road we figure you would run into problems as our other contractor and wouldn’t get started in time. Not only did you get started in time you got started early. We could start enjoying the deck even before you were supposed to get started. Everyone that sees it said it’s great. We chose the Weathered Wood because it looks so real and wanted the convenience of the Evergrain composite. From what we have heard from people that have seen it we made the right choice for our house. We will be in touch with you again when we are ready for the new shed. We will let everyone know you are worth the wait and cost if they want the job done right. We know some people can say they can get it done with a faster start date and cheaper but we also know that they won’t get it done as good as you can. You have given us our confidence in contractors again.


Scott and Linda Jameson

Hi Cliff,

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much were enjoying our deck! Everyone who has set foot on it compliments it and asks who did it for us. We especially love the lighting and also the composite material, since we can let our daughter run around barefoot on it and not worry about splinters. Initially I didnt think that would matter much, but it really has made a difference in how often we use the deck.

We also really appreciated your professionalism and flexibility. We had never had such a major project done to our home before, so it was nice to work with someone who a) had great design ideas b) followed up promptly every step of the way c) knew how to make things happen (i.e. permits, blueprints for ARB approval, etc.) and d) had the patience for all of our questions. We recommend you to anyone whos looking for a professional, knowledgeable and personable contractor.

Becky and Mark Freeman

Dear Cliff:

My wife and I still cannot believe our new deck! My job as a facilities designer requires that I work with contractors of all flavors. If all my projects at CNN went half as smooth and fast as your design and construction of my own deck, I would be a very happy man. Your presentation of my deck design in Autocad from your laptop would have been enough for me to select Whitmer Decks, but when you rendered it in 3D with light sources you sold my wife also. Watching you and your team work together without speaking, save a nod here and there, showed me what a well trained and experienced crew you have working for you. Please pass on my thanks to them. The small things meant so much. The routed edges, the hidden wiring for low voltage lighting, the sunburst dog gate and stairway railing to name a few. And you did it for EXACTLY the amount you quoted me. It gave us the opportunity to increase the deck size by two by augmenting the insurance claim after the tree fell on our old deck. It is my great pleasure to recommend Whitmer Decks to any family, friends and colleagues.

Joe Hickey


Donna and I would like to thank you very much for building us a great deck. From inception to completion, the project ran smoothly and we love the final product.

We contacted you for an estimate – you arrived promptly, listened to our ideas, made suggestions, and clarified any areas in which there could have been confusion.

We came to you with an idea, a vision, and a rough drawing - you turned it into reality. Watching your CAD presentation, the step by step building process appearing on the screen, your design matched our vision exactly. Though we still had other companies lined up for estimates, we knew they had a high bar to reach.

Needless to say, they didn’t reach it and the decision to go with Whitmer Decks was an easy one. Your attention to detail, the quality of your presentation, and your willingness to listen and explain told us that your company was the one we wanted.

The final product exceeded our (already high) expectations. We came back from vacation and saw the frame built. Next came the flooring, the rails, and the lighting. Under the watchful eye of the “sidewalk supervisor”, you and your crew worked to put together a deck that not even he could find fault with.

In fact, he gives rave reviews (he loves the Evergrain). Now that the privacy screen and trellises are built, we can’t wait to have him over to hear what he has to say.

All Donna and I can say is, “Thanks for a job well done.” If you need a recommendation in the future, we’ll be more than glad to provide one.


Danny & Donna Cieslicki
Burke, VA

Dickson – Screened In Upper Deck
July 2005

Thank you for building our dream deck!

My wife and I remember sitting down during our initial discussion to work with you on a custom design that would integrate with our house and desire for an extending living space where we could enjoy the natural, tree-filled landscape of our backyard.

The entire process was great … from design, all the planning and arrangements you did behind the scenes, keeping us updated on the target start date, the professionalism of your crew to maintain a safe work environment --- and respecting our neighbors space during the build and clean-up process.

Our deck has given us a retreat from the rigors of living in the Washington area. And with the unique design and surround trees, it’s like having a grown up tree house on the back of our house.

We love it!

Dear Cliff,

I want you to know how pleased I am with the deck that you built for me last summer. I sit out on the deck almost every evening, and it has enhanced my quality of life and the value of my property. My friends and family also enjoy sitting out there.

It is, indeed, a very well planned and constructed deck. It looks informal and inviting. The gray composite matches the color of the oak trees around my house, and it is especially pretty in the evenings when it is lighted.

Thank you for making it so easy for me to have such a beautiful deck, and for doing such a good job in planning and constructing it.

Edith Palmer
Hey Cliff,

Thanks for everything! We love the deck--the whole family hung out there all weekend. Our neighbors admired our lights and asked where we got them. :-) We appreciate your communication throughout and your dedication to building us a quality product that we'd be happy with. You have our recommendation and we'll call you again in the future if we ever need another deck.

Betsie Ridnouer
Whitmer Decks (Cliff),
I would like to convey my sincere thank-you and appreciation for the excellent job you completed on the new deck for my house. I have now had several get-togethers, since it was completed that have either been centered on or spilled over onto the deck, and I must say it has received rave reviews! The unique built-in benches in place of standard rails have received the most acclaim. Even my daughters’ teenage friends thought they were “cool”. I appreciate the care you took to ensure our concerns were met and the extra steps you took to ensure it had that professional look. The finished product matched the CAD proposal almost exactly so there were no real surprises and the result exceeded our expectations in every respect.

Again thank-you,
Ed Robertson

Dear Mr. Whitmer:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful new shed you built for me. I was very impressed with your professionalism, craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is not often that homeowners can feel confident that they received the attention and the quality they expected from a contracted service, as well as timeliness of project completion. I will happily recommend Whitmer Decks to family, friends and neighbors!

Yours truly
Debbie Healy

To Whom It May Concern:

We wish to thank Whitmer Decks for the very excellent job they have done in designing and installing our new deck. We were very pleased with the job from beginning to end, especially with their very professional approach and work methods. Cliff worked out a great design after much planning and deliberation.

We now have a large and elegant new deck which is perfect for our house and adds value as well as a new outdoor experience. We would recommend Whitmer decks to anyone wishing to install a new deck. They are simply excellent in every way.

The Rev’s. Louis and Joan Mattia

Letter of Recommendation

I recently had a garden shed built under my existing outdoor deck. I imagined the process of ringing contractors and soliciting competitive bids would be and easy one. Unfortunately many calls were left unanswered and several contractor appointments were not kept. A notable exception to all of this was that taken by Whitmer Decks. I cannot speak highly enough of the professional attitude and standard of work taken throughout my entire experience with Whitmer Decks.

I was immediately struck by the friendly, experience and profession manner with which the owner, Cliff, approached my requests. While mine was not a major job it presented several fairly significant challenges; Cliff was totally flexible and imaginative in his carpentry solutions. He was fastidious in his pre-planning design, material purchase and subsequently in the construction of the project. For me, a speedy completion and an economical price were very important. Here too, Cliff showed a great willingness to accommodate me and I cannot thank him enough for his tremendous efforts in getting my job finished in very quick time, and in doing so at a very reasonable price.

From the outset of construction through until completion, Cliff and his employees were courteous, tidy and communicative. I am very happy with the standard of work performed by Whitmer Decks. I truly believer that the Whitmer individuals involved in the building of my shed genuinely wanted to provide for me the very highest quality product they could – this is the type of work ethic that all companies should be seeking.

Apart from his skills in building, I found Cliff to be such an engaging individual that I sought his input about several other projects around my home. He gave freely of his time and provided me with some excellent advice that could have otherwise cost me many thousands of dollars. In fact, my wife and I altered the entire spatial arrangement of our living room based on Cliff’s suggestion – he was absolutely right on with his advice!

To anyone seeking impartial testimonial regarding quality and reliability with respect to carpentry work for decks and wooden sheds, I highly recommend the work done by Whitmer Decks. Thanks again Cliff.

Matthew Connolly

Dear Mr. Whitmer:

We are writing to let you know how pleased we have been with the entire process of planning and installing our new deck with your company. It has been our best contracting experience since we have lived in the Northern Virginia area.

As you remember, Pam and I had a clear vision of what our new deck would look like. We were very appreciative of your patience with our exacting plans, as well as your own attention to ensuring that everything was done as we wanted, in accordance with local codes, and your exceptionally high standards.

You should also know we talked with four other contractors before selection Whitmer Decks to build our new deck. We clearly made the right decision and were extremely satisfied with the quality of service and craftsmanship.

Thanks for a job well done. We look forward to recommending Whitmer Decks to our friends.

Ed and Pam McNamee

Our experience with Whitmer Decks was fantastic, from the design and estimation process through the completion of our deck. Cliff Whitmer proved himself to be very knowledgeable and straightforward as he surveyed our property and determined what would be required to put up our deck. He completed the project on time, despite some weather issues. He and his crew were extremely easy and accommodating to work with. They even installed a sliding glass door for us. We were very pleased with the finished product.

Becky Patnaik

Dear Cliff,

Diane and I would like you to know how pleased we are with the deck and porch you and your team have just completed for us...

Your enthusiasm at our first meeting helped us to not only go ahead with the project, but also use Whitmer Decks. That enthusiasm never faltered from the start of the job, on until the end...

You listened to what we wanted and came back with a design which was perfect. you arrived when you said you would and completed the job ahead of schedule, without any interference from us, it was one of the most stress free projects we have undertaken.

We wish you all the best in the future and would not hesitate to recommend you to other people.

Diane & Andrew



5765F Burke Centre Pkwy #162
Burke, VA 22015

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