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Your investment in a beautiful deck has been made.
You now need to maintain that great-looking deck.

There are many processes we offer to minimize the maintenance and increase the longevity of your new deck. Composite material is an alternative to wood and requires less maintenance. However, all decks, whether wood or composite, require pressure washing to remove the layer of dirt and grime that winter leaves behind. Sealing wood decks is also an important step to longevity.

Whitmer Decks suggests that you wash and seal your new deck. For a wood deck you need to wait until the pressure treating chemicals have dried out of the wood, to a point where it will accept the stain/sealer. The test for this is to sprinkle a small amount of water on the deck surface. If the wood soaks up the water, then it is ready to soak up your stain/sealer. Drying times vary greatly depending on weather and exposure.


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